MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon

Earlier this month, Feb 7-9 I participated in the MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon.
This was my second year, seeing last year was the first time I even knew about it or MouseScrappers in general. You can read about my experience here as well as some of the prizes here from last year.

So, this year, I completed the FULL MARATHON. Yes, I write that in big letters because by the end, I wasn't sure what was what anymore and did not want to spend too much time doing anything scrapbook related for a bit. I still did some, but boy, did making 16 pages over the course of 3 days really wear on me. Maybe it was because there were requirements with each challenge like; use 3 photos, use only one photo, make a stack of 5 papers, use two plain papers and four pattern papers, make a cluster with nine items and repeat it three times, add some pixie dust and a hidden mickey. whew....that was just a sampling of some of the things I had to do.

My focus was to get some of those pictures from past vacations like in 2008 and 2009 scrapped.
Here are my pages.....

Am I happy with them all? well, maybe not. I know one page I need to change, I got the wrong kid in one of the pictures. (geez) However, some of the pages surprisingly turned out great even though I did not like the challenge thrown at me. So now, I need to go back and look at each one, perhaps have the kids look too, and see what needs to be fixed.

Here are the participation prizes.....

Here is a look at the Full Marathon Goody Bag......

I was given some nice things to be able to add to my library of Disney supplies, now I just need to get back to that park!

I also will be hosting the Templates Challenge from March 15-28, if you want to come join me.

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