MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon

One of the scrapbooking blogs I follow, Britt-ish Designs, had a post about a Speed Scrap Marathon. Now all those words are foreign to me. I think I know what a Speed Scrap is, but in a Marathon?  I have not done either before.
So I clicked on her link and it took me to the MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Forum.  I have come to MouseScrappers before, but there is soooooooo much listed on their main page that I was lost and didn't think that the site was for me.
So back to the other day...I was able to get right to her (Britt-ish Designs) Speed Scrap and understand what needed to be done. (Logging into MouseScrappers was another story, I tried to register two times and nothing...I had to finally contact someone and was able to get in.) oh bother.
So for all you out there, I will define (in my terms) what all these words mean.
Speed Scrap: A chance to online chat (if it works for you) or follow along in a forum with instructions on making a scrapbook page. There was an un-followed rule of completing the page in 4 hours. Most of the time frames were extended.
Scrap Marathon: Three days of speed scraps (4-5 a day)  This marathon had 16 total speed scraps. They gave us incentives to complete all or even half for prizes.
Also, each speed scrap you participated in, and met the time frame, you were rewarded with a prize.

Here are my pages I was able to complete over this past weekend. (in no particular order)  Each page was for a different challenge, with seven different rules. Check my Facebook page for a quick note on what was involved in each challenge.

These are the mini kits/alphas/papers/or elements I was given for participation.

I did finish the 1/2 Marathon, so I will get a bonus prize....but I don't know what it is yet.

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