All I Want (Blog Hop)

This is Nibbles Skribbles part of the 2012 Christmas Carol Blog Hop at theStudio.
It is active now through the end of the year.
The mini (Shown below) is on her blog. There are solids on her FaceBook page.
These are FREEBIES...so don't wait, pick them up now.

Here is my page for inspiration.

6,8,10,12 Templates

This bundle is for me. I love having multiple pictures on one page. This bundle is called
6, 8, 10, 12 Templates


I used the 12 photo template, but adjusted it for 8.5x11 page. It turned out to be an 8 photo template.  I used the Cozy Little Mini kit...remember a few weeks back?  So here is my page again.


November Love

Here is a flaskback to FALL amid all the Christmas Kits out right now.
Nibbles Skribbles teamed up with Manu (who was one of the runner-ups in the Next Designer Challenge at theStudio).
There are some great warm fall colors and rustic elements in this kit. It is called
[image] [image]

Check it out at theStudio Store

Here is my page...it is a flashback too.  Those cute wittle kiddos are growing up on us.

I used the template from theStudio Template challenge this month. It is from Two Moose Design, which Nibbles Skribbles is part of.


Cozy Little Mini

New in theStudio store is
it was a Facebook Freebie for the month of November.  Check Nibbles Skribbles FB page for other monthly freebies.

Here is my page...you may see it again in a week or so. :)


The Little Things

Nibbles Skribbles has teamed up with Flower Scraps and Created by Jill to bring you


this is a HUGE kit full of lots of little things. :)  Take a look...

[image] [image]

Here is what I made with it, and I turned it into a quick page for you all.  Just click on image to download.


Just Believe

Nibbles Skribbles has a wonderful Christmas Kit new today. It is called
and is based off the "Elf on the Shelf" toy/books. I don't have the elf or the books, but some friends do and I love the facebook posts they have this time of year of their grandkids looking out for the elf. <yes I admitted I have friends with grandkids...they are lots older then me. :)>
So go check out this kit!!!

Here is what I made, a two-page layout.
I never found the right photos for this...guess I am prepared for this Christmas! :)

I also made a freebie Subway Art Cluster. Just click image to download.

Now I think it is time for some Hot Chocolate.


Autumnal *plus a Freebie*

Nibbles Skribbles newest kit is

It is a wonderful collection of Fall Beauty.
This is a smaller kit then Nibbles Skribbles is used to doing, so if you like having a smaller sample to work with, which I do, sometimes I am too overwhelmed with large/mega kits, then be sure to pick it up at her store at theStudio.

Here is what I made with this kit.  Perfect for the fall wedding my family had.

I also made a cluster for you to have as a freebie!  
You can click here or on the cluster to grab it.


Black Friday Digital Scrapbooking Sale

I'm surprised how lots of businesses get into the BLACK FRIDAY sale-abrations!...Even in the digi world.  There will be loads of products on sale at theStudio.  Check out the offerings from Nibbles Skribbles.

40% off Nibbles Skribbles Store

So click here and head over to check out what's on sale.

I helped with 2013 Quick Calendar. It was a fun experience. I was able to make two different pages (January and September) but since they can be interchangeable there are no months listed. The month names come in an extra file as well as a file for calendar markers. So the two pages I made are the first and ninth. I LOVE how the whole thing came together. There were six different members working on this collection.
2013 Quick Calendars
2013 Quick Calendars: Extras
2013 Quick Calendar Bundle


November Progressive Scrap

I had just finished HAND-making 18 Christmas Cards for a Card Club I'm in. IT TOOK ME
I couldn't believe how long it was taking to cut everything out, punch holes and insert the eyelets. --then glue it all on. 
I thought many times, ohhh...if I was on my computer this card would have been done in less then an hour and easily printed 18x.
Then I joined the progressive scrap at theStudio and part of the challenge was we could make a card. This card was now going to take me about SEVEN days to complete. ha....so much for making a quick card. :)

Here is my Hand-Made card
Now onto the Progressive Scrap.  Here are the cards in order of days...
I soon realized my little cluster was too little and it became hard to add the extra elements in. Some earlier elements became hidden. But as the rules go, I couldn't move anything.  (it actually is kinda fun to see how things turn out).

Completed card
Here is the pack of goodies I got to work for. And the Font I used was DB Christmas Cheer. It is a dingbat kinda font.


Digital Scrapbook Day

Really?  there is such a thing....I learn new things everyday.

Anyway, part of my CT (creative team) member duties to to help advertise for things like that, so....

...here is what Nibbles Skribbles has in store for this weekend.


What I've been doing...

I'm still keeping busy at theStudio with monthly challenges.

I have participated in two Designer Challenges.
We got a free mini to use....I made this page.

Then I participated in the Template Challenge. The template is from Scrappy Cocoa.
Here is the page I made with it.
Also used two elements (Tinkerbell and word art) from Britt-ish Designs.

Next up is the Less is more Challenge.
We are given a mini kit by Studio4 Designworks and asked to use all pieces in it. 
I wanted to make a spooky page, but when I came across this photo with the sunset, it just fit.
but wait, I like to make 8.5x11 pages...so this is how it is turning out.

Then I joined in the Progressive Scrap.
I didn't know if I would be able to finish, as we had planned a get away. Anyway, here are the daily pages...
Here is where I thought I was done...but the PS leader was able to keep getting me the next day's download and I finished.

Of course I participated in the Monthly Recipe Challenge. The theme was Trick or Treat.
I made a card for Mummy Dogs
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars
and since it was my birthday, I made an extra card (my Birthday Cake) of Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake.

Lastly here is the second Designer Challenge. 
We used a mini kit from DarleneH Design's Ladie's Boutique
Here is my page.