Hello February & Canon

is the next month installment from Nibbles Skribbles' Hello 2014 collection.
Each month she will release a mini kit in the theme of the month. So of course, this month is all about LOVE and reds and pinks. However, there are enough other colors for loads of fun layouts.  You'll have to check my page out.
If you are thinking of purchasing these monthly kits, then you will want to pick up the frequent shopper card from her.  Here is what Nibbles' has to say about this collection.

"Hello 2014 will feature a mini kit and a few themed add-ons themed around each month. I will also be releasing special 'year' themed products in between! The first week of a new Hello collection, all bits will be just $1!  So, not too big or too expensive - it's just right, and I hope you love it!   Grab any of the bits for just $1 each or the bundle for $5! Don't miss out!"

Here ya go...no Valentine's photos...no problem. See how versatile this mini can be.

Which brings me to a new passion. Well, maybe a constant passion.
I have always enjoyed photography and capturing beautiful images. I just am such a novice.
This past Christmas Santa brought me a Canon Rebel. (the lens comes off ya know...kinda scary to think of the possibilities).  I know I'm silly. But I am overwhelmed with this. I have been looking up info and trying to learn what exposure/aperture/shutter speed I want to use for what elements. ...getting kinda deep for me...but I want to take beautiful pics!  So I continue to read, listen and play.

One thing I decided to do was to take my evening walks during the 'golden hour' and at sunset, with my camera in tow. Then snap away, and try things out. I'm still not getting my combination right for full manual mode, but other things are coming along.  So here are a few things I have captured.

Yep, ole Baldy himself.
We do get to see Bald Eagles about this time of year, but you never really know where they will show up...with exceptions to a few places.  This guy was just down the lane.
I did alright in the capture sans telephoto lens. Right now I have one lens...55mm is the max.

Then I did a little learning on MOTION photography. Since I wasn't getting the settings right for the time of day, I decided to give motion a go...so much room for improvement, but I LOVE these two images. 

As a family we spent a morning in Zion National Park and watched the sunrise. I did a little playing with exposures and was able to get a few 'keepers' of the sunrise. :) 

Alrighty....one more topic and this post is done.
How is your Memory Keeping goals coming along for this year?
I have printed about 50+ pages and got them in their books.
YEA! it is great to see these pages COMPLETE!

Until next time...enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!

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  1. EARLY morning at the Park! I love your photos!!