It is that time of year when many are graduating from colleges, high schools, and more.
Do you have someone graduating?

My oldest is graduation from High School.
It is a crazy time, It is also crazy to think how time has flown and he is THAT old.
There are so many endings for him...and so many first for me.
So crazy!

Nibbles Skribbles created a wonderful graduation scrapbook digital kit called
It is full of black and white details with an array of colored papers, hats, tassels and ellies to add for your school colors.

Here is my page....of many...Graduation is this Thursday.....

I used one of Nibbles Skribbles POCKET PAL pages. She has already released one set with more on the way.

Here is a peak at his Grad announcement :)



Hi all,

Last month I decided to join a Instagram craft swap...or two.

While perusing IG, I found some wonderfully awesome mini quilts that had been secretly made then shipped to another member of that swap group. I was in awe...you see I have this quilt pattern book....ya, I have never used it. So, I was inspired by one of the swaps that popped up as LPS Disney Craft Swap and I quickly joined.
whoa, wait a sec......I had also seen another swap pop up and joined that one too. SPD Fairy Tale Swap  I joined so quickly, I am hoping to not have regrets. So far none!

I would like to share my thoughts and creations with you about this first swap,
LPS Disney Craft Swap

I was happy to see it was a one craft only event, and the highlighted project was counted cross stitch, of course you could make any type of craft you wanted. I was excited to cross stitch. It had been years since I last made anything cross stitch wise.
I had seen some swaps suggest sending gifts as well. This swap didn't require that. However, I did end up sending more than one item, since I had breezed through it so fast.
I selected I could ship international, I was a little worried because of the costs, but I planned to keep everything to fit in a flat rate envelope to balance shipping costs.

When the swap began, I was sent an email giving me the details from my partner's sign-up page; her name, location, social media details, info about herself, favorite Disney movies, characters, parks and rides.
She lives in England...alright...international shipping applies, so I needed to keep my items within reason for shipping.
She loves a lot of the classic Disney characters, especially animals. Her top favorites are Winnie the Pooh and friends. She did go on about a few other characters, but right then I knew I needed to make something Pooh related.
I glanced at her IG account and looked over her pins on Pinterest and one image caught my eye.

I wanted to make this....but I needed a pattern.
I will admit I spent way to much time looking for one. I did come across a small grid in a PNG file. It almost worked to overlay the pattern, but it was just too small, So I went about making my own. Then I layered it over the picture and walla I had a pattern.

I want to be able to share this grid with you all, so here you go, just click on the image to download a full 12x12" grid.You can adjust your image to fit the squares as you like.

I also updated the pattern I made to share. I got PatternMaker version 1 with my computer way back when in 1995. I haven't used it in years and it is a way back when style program.  But, hey it works. Click on image to download the pdf.

Seeing that I had so quickly gotten my craft project done, I wanted to make something more. I had come across an Eeyore bookmark pattern in my partner's Pinterest board, so I searched and found the pattern.

Since I had Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore, I wanted to add Tigger at least, so using this charm bracelet as inspiration, I made her a Tigger charm.

I really had a good time secretly making these items to ship over seas...and I may or may not have googled her address to see the area she lived in. :)
I also shared a few updates on IG as well.

Here are the goodies all together.

As I was wrapping all this up, I had a last minute decision to add a little piece of where I live in her package. My brother had carved some stones last year and I hit him up for ideas, spent a bit of time in the hills collecting palm sized sandstone rocks, then carving a piece of Utah in them. (I hope she will like this...if not, throw it in the garden bed and I'm sure with time and humidity, this rock will wear away quickly.

All in all, it was a fun swap. I enjoy making things with my hands and to have a purpose was exactly what I needed to get me going on handicrafts again.

Keep an eye out, I have a few other things I have been making that I'll give a review on and I still have that other swap to report on too.


Sweet on You

Sweet on You
is the last of this month's Round Robin featuring Nibbles Skribbles
She teamed up with Jilbert's bits and bytes

Here is the link to join in this fun at theStudio.


Be Mine

Be Mine
by Nibbles Skribbles and Vero

If you don't know what the Round Robin is, check out this link.

I was inspired by the hexagon page and used a template from years past.
Great colors for 'love' pages for siblings.

Here is what is up as the last part of this month's round robin.


Capture the Moment

by Nibbles Skribbles and LouCee Creations

Loads of fun elements in this kit....also great printables for photobooths!

A peek at what's next. 


Round Robin

This month Nibbles Skribbles is hosting the Round Robin at theStudio.

What is the Round Robin you ask?

A Round Robin is One Month, One Designer, Four Collabs.

How do you come in, and more importantly, how can you save extra?

Answer: Create a LayOut! Check out theStudio Forum

The Layout rules are simple: Use only the current week Round Robin Collab
Properly credit & link the Round Robin Collab
Add hashtag #studioroundrobin

What are the discounts: Post the LO in our gallery, additional 10% on the next Round Robin Collab
Pin your LO on pinterest, additional 10% on the next Round Robin Collab
Share your LO on Facebook, additional 10% on the next Round Robin Collab
Post your LO on Google+, additional 10% on the next Round Robin Collab

The best news? These discounts are stackable. That means if you participate in all four Social Media venues, your final discount code will be an additional 40% on the next Round Robin Collab. How much you save is up to you!

And don't worry, if you can't join in this week, just pick up next week's kit and you will save on the following kit. There will be four kits in all this month.

First up is 
a collab with ADB Designs 

Here are the kit details
 Look at the Add-On

I made a couple of pages....each one is so different.

Here is a peak at what is coming next week.


Looking on the BRIGHT SPOT

We've all had those days, you know where we just can't feel bright and sunny.
Sometimes winter does that to us. Cooped indoors all days,
the sun setting early, the skies are grey....

Here is a kit to help get us seeing something bright through all the grey.

by Nibbles Skribbles

Click here to go to her store and check it all out.

Here are all the pieces

Look what I did.

I used the template by LouCee from theStudio monthly challenge.
Come play along with us here.


Welcome 2015

I'm glad to see things settling around my place. The holidays are always so busy with holiday happenings, school activities and having to work out of town for a whole week.  But we have all survived. We all attended what we were required to. We all made it to parties. We all enjoyed the season. This last week has been one of getting things put back together....alas.

I hope you were able to enjoy the final submission of HELLO 2014 by Nibbles Skribbles.
Here is a peak at HELLO DECEMBER to wrap it up.

I focused on just two colors and created our family Christmas Card with this kit.

is one of a handful of kits that Nibbles Skribbles created with theStudio Coordinated Collection this month. These are all on sale, along with all the others at theStudio for just a few more days!

I have been wanting to show case a digital kit in paper form for some time now.
I usually put it off to long to share. This time...I got it done!

A print and then cut card using Silhouette Cameo

Lastly, I want to share a Collab Kit Nibbles Skribbles has made with Carin Grobe Designs
This kit is filled with great primary colors for the primary purposes of cleaning!
This kit releases today, so hop over to the shop for maximum savings.

A great reminder....now to go finish cleaning.
What is it with horizontal spaces anyway?!?!