More MouseScrappers Challenges

Now that I know how to navigate the Mouse Scrappers Forum, I am able to follow along on some of their challenges.

Every few weeks, they have a TEMPLATE Challenge.
The rules are: Use the template for a Disney related page. Share in the gallery and post in the forum. 
Here is the first Template I used. (#152)

And my page I made.  I LOVE that I was able to turn the mouse-ear-hat template into the pumpkin-ears-hat.

Here is Template #153  Don't you just love the clean paper blocking. I do.

Here is my page. I used the template pretty much as is. Okay...I know...I first have to adjust the templates to fit my 8.5x11 pages I do. Most work out fine, others take a little adjustment.

Another challenge category is Weekly Challenge. Anything goes for the host. The host for Weekly Challenge #169  is Kramer.Zoo. She asked that we take one of our pages we made from the Speed Scrap Marathon and 'fix-it'.  I was not pleased with this page.  The challenge was to use MAGIC(AL) in the title and leave OFF the Journaling.

Here is the updated page. I knew I wanted to tell the story of why I was in a wheelchair.

And...for one more challenge. This is from the Scraplift Challenge section. msbagley, our host, challenged us to take this page for inspiration. <Don't you just love the shoe!  Almost makes you want to sign up for the Disney Marathon> We could draw anything from it; bright color, one photo, large title, or simple something we are passionate about.

My page incorporated a few of the challenge suggestions. Can you see all the ideas I scraplifted?

Well, that is all for right now. But I am really having a great time making Disney pages. So I'll be back with more.


MouseScrappers GoodieBag

I finally got my GOODIE BAG for completing the Half Marathon at the Speed Scrap at MouseScrappers.
Here is a peak at all the items I was given.


MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon

One of the scrapbooking blogs I follow, Britt-ish Designs, had a post about a Speed Scrap Marathon. Now all those words are foreign to me. I think I know what a Speed Scrap is, but in a Marathon?  I have not done either before.
So I clicked on her link and it took me to the MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Forum.  I have come to MouseScrappers before, but there is soooooooo much listed on their main page that I was lost and didn't think that the site was for me.
So back to the other day...I was able to get right to her (Britt-ish Designs) Speed Scrap and understand what needed to be done. (Logging into MouseScrappers was another story, I tried to register two times and nothing...I had to finally contact someone and was able to get in.) oh bother.
So for all you out there, I will define (in my terms) what all these words mean.
Speed Scrap: A chance to online chat (if it works for you) or follow along in a forum with instructions on making a scrapbook page. There was an un-followed rule of completing the page in 4 hours. Most of the time frames were extended.
Scrap Marathon: Three days of speed scraps (4-5 a day)  This marathon had 16 total speed scraps. They gave us incentives to complete all or even half for prizes.
Also, each speed scrap you participated in, and met the time frame, you were rewarded with a prize.

Here are my pages I was able to complete over this past weekend. (in no particular order)  Each page was for a different challenge, with seven different rules. Check my Facebook page for a quick note on what was involved in each challenge.

These are the mini kits/alphas/papers/or elements I was given for participation.

I did finish the 1/2 Marathon, so I will get a bonus prize....but I don't know what it is yet.


Birthday Bash! for Nibbles Skribbles


Every other day, starting today, a different kit will be on an AWESOME sale. 
This should be a full 2 weeks of bargains.

Today starts with her FAMILY TREE kit.
Its 70% off.

Live it, Love it


This is a collaboration kit from Nibbles Skribbles and ADB Designs.  Here is a look at the full bundle.

Such fun, lively colors.

There is a little Add-on (upper right).  It is a freebie for participating in the Designer Challenge at theStudio starting today.

I made a page using the full kit, and one using just the add-on.
The template I used for this page is from Sahlin Studios, for Jan 2013. (see template below)

This page is also using the Me, Myself, and I challenge at theStudio. We were challenged to make a YEAR IN REVIEW page. I focused on the events in my year that were a first, or an only event. 2012 was indeed an interesting year for me.

I used various fonts, which I didn't keep track of. 
The page idea came from something I saw online...I think it is credited to Meagan's Creations.

Here is a preview of the Sahlin Studios Template I used.


Recipe/Template Challenge

For this month's recipe challenge, I did a mash-up with the template challenge
What is that you say?!  Well...I used the template, fitting it to a 4x6 card and made my recipe card.

Here is a look at the Recipe Card Kit by Let Me Scrapbook.

And here is a look at the Template I used from LouCee Ceations.

And finally, here is how my card turned out.  It is a copy cat recipe from Olive Garden. This soup tastes just like the stuff from the restaurant.

the main font is Technical and title is ZRex
Recipe comes from food.com


Winter Mornings QP

Did you like the new WINTERY kit released yesterday?  I love it!
Did you like the quick page I made?  Well, you may have it.

Just click image to download. THANKS for stopping by.

Winter Mornings

New kit in Nibbles Skribbles Store today.  

This kit has a nice icy feeling to it. And I LOVE the sparkly SnowFlakes!

Here are my pages for inspiration.

This page I turned into a Quickpage, as well as an 12x12 page too.


A few recipes and a Christmas Card

Here are the past two month's of recipes from the Recipe Challenge at theStudio.


Font: LD StringBean

Font: LD Delightful

DECEMBER was all about COOKIES

Font: BernhardFashionBT

And here is our Christmas Card. Remember the blank layout I made using Just Believe? Well, here is it filled.


Too Many Pictures

Nibbles Skribbles has reached over 2,000 fans on Facebook and gave away a mini kit and template. If you are interested, head on over to her page, like her, and it's yours.
Here is what I made using both. The template was perfect for the many pics I took during the Solar Eclipse this past year.

It's a....

Nibbles Skribbles is expecting her third child and has made a few kits to celebrate the gender reveal.  Here are both kit previews.
It's A Girl!It's A Bundle!

I chose to make a page using the GIRL kit. She already has two boys, so here was hoping for a girl.
In place of the It's a Girl...since I've not had babies around for sometime...I chose to take a spin on the phrase and make it "It's a girl thing" to go with my Ladies Only Ride I did this past year.

Well, for the reveal...

...It's a BOY!