Black Friday Digital Scrapbooking Sale

I'm surprised how lots of businesses get into the BLACK FRIDAY sale-abrations!...Even in the digi world.  There will be loads of products on sale at theStudio.  Check out the offerings from Nibbles Skribbles.

40% off Nibbles Skribbles Store

So click here and head over to check out what's on sale.

I helped with 2013 Quick Calendar. It was a fun experience. I was able to make two different pages (January and September) but since they can be interchangeable there are no months listed. The month names come in an extra file as well as a file for calendar markers. So the two pages I made are the first and ninth. I LOVE how the whole thing came together. There were six different members working on this collection.
2013 Quick Calendars
2013 Quick Calendars: Extras
2013 Quick Calendar Bundle

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