November Progressive Scrap

I had just finished HAND-making 18 Christmas Cards for a Card Club I'm in. IT TOOK ME
I couldn't believe how long it was taking to cut everything out, punch holes and insert the eyelets. --then glue it all on. 
I thought many times, ohhh...if I was on my computer this card would have been done in less then an hour and easily printed 18x.
Then I joined the progressive scrap at theStudio and part of the challenge was we could make a card. This card was now going to take me about SEVEN days to complete. ha....so much for making a quick card. :)

Here is my Hand-Made card
Now onto the Progressive Scrap.  Here are the cards in order of days...
I soon realized my little cluster was too little and it became hard to add the extra elements in. Some earlier elements became hidden. But as the rules go, I couldn't move anything.  (it actually is kinda fun to see how things turn out).

Completed card
Here is the pack of goodies I got to work for. And the Font I used was DB Christmas Cheer. It is a dingbat kinda font.

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