Remember back to this post here. Yep, I have still been loving my toy.
Here are some of the other fun things I've done with this wonderful invention.

My nephew is the #1 Fan of the 49ers. His heart broke when they lost their last game this season.
His dad, is a super dad and spray painted his old Cowboys helmet gold and I cut the decals to go on it.
It looks like the $$$$ helmet that you can buy online!
I also cut him a large logo for his wall.

At Christmastime I made some cut-out ornament cards. You can find the directions here.
I used the negative space and made a few ornaments.

My daughter joined a city youth team for volleyball. 
They all wanted pink as their team color. We wanted them to have some unity, and we didn't want to go to much expense for the parents, so I used what I had on hand and tried the FREEZER PAPER stencil technique. It worked great! 

I have enjoyed the fact that I can cut anything I want with the Silhouette. But I haven't spent much time in designing what I want. So in February I took a triangle, filled it with swirls and the letters LOVE. This banner turned out so elegant. I think next time I would cut the letters a second time in a contrasting color.

This is the new fad at our house, even my nieces are asking for their own personal NAIL ART.
I have to make sure the pieces are no more than 1/4" wide. They are so tiny, but so fun on the nails. 

Here is one more tiny idea. :) 

I made another couple of cards, and designed them too. 
I layered the words or flowers over a rectangle and welded them together. 
So many possibilities!

And lastly, one of the most satisfying projects I've done.
I designed these GLASS ETCHED frames for the Young Women in my church group.
I cut out the image on removable vinyl and then applied it to the glass, then applied etching cream. 
They turned out so beautiful.

I would love to see ideas of anyone who reads my blog.
So if you have something to share, please post a link in the comments.

Now...on to make a iron-on image for my son. ;)

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