Filling the Recipe Box

Well, have any of you missed my recipe challenge posts?
Did you think I have stopped after all those years?
Well....I haven't. But for some reason I have forgotten to post about them.

So here you go, a (almost) year's worth of recipes.

The most recent Recipe Challenge at theStudio is all about Spices and Herbs.

I have a few recipes that need this theme, but as of now, I have only made one card.
This is an AWESOME recipe from the July/August 2011 Weight Watchers magazine.  I love it.

Now, I'll share with you the month's past. Remember you can pick up each of these kits at theStudio. And...if you keep an eye out, Let Me Scrapbook will bundle the kits up for extra savings.

In August the theme was Citrus. Love the color combinations in this kit.

I'll admit, I have NEVER made this recipe.  But it was a recent find and instead of pinning it, I made it into a card. I so can not wait to try this. The recipe is from CookieCakesPiesOhMy

In July we were treated with a Red, White and Blue kit. So fun! So Summery.

My recipe is from a Children's cookbook my 5th grader had brought home. We made this and YUM!  It is a keeper.

June was a POT LUCK theme, and we were asked to use any kit we wanted. I used the March 2012 kit and made.....

...a recipe for Tuna Cakes. This is really a yummy recipe, but the kids turned up their noses the first few times we had it. Now, they just eat it in peace. :)

Skipping a few months here, I'll get back to them in a moment.
In March, the challenge was for 5 or less ingredients. 

I made two of my favorite recipes from my childhood that I would make all the time.

This kit/challenge was a favorite of mine. It was all about Cupcakes.

I had learned that you could turn any cookie dough into icing. 
I tried it.  It worked.
My favorite is the Banana Cooke Dough recipe. 
So yummy.
Perfect combo.
Cookie Dough and Cupcakes!

Here is the recipe for the Cookies...
...the cupcakes...
...and the Icing. 

Have I lost you yet?  I know...very long post.
Well, Let Me Scrapbook took May off. She needed a break, and I totally understand.

In April, the challenge was for homemade cleaners.

eek....I don't really make my own...so I came up with a laundry hints list. 

There you go...I think it looks great all bundled together here.
Remember you can pick up any of these Recipe kits by going to Let Me Scrapbook's store at theStudio.

If you are interested in joining in on the Recipe Challenge, click here.
The rules are pretty simple.
--use the monthly kit
--create a recipe card
--share it on theStudio gallery
--email a copy to Let Me Scrapbook
You will then get a code for a FREE kit for the following month, and a copy of everyone's recipes.

Hope to see you in the Recipe Challenge.

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