Do you need to scrap a little of this and a little of that?
A little of her and a little of him?
A little old and a little new?

Then you need This or That!

Created with a beautiful mixed color palette, this kit is super versatile and super fun!

Here are a few pages I whipped up for your inspiration.  First off is a page about my latest obsession. Instagram. I love that I can take random pics of my day and sometimes no words are needed. I'm a visual kinda gal.

Then I made a page of my daughter's latest adventure. She placed 1st in her class in the World's Horseshoe Tournament.  She is gonna LOVE this page when she sees it....just the right amount of pink!

Right now the kit is on sale! Save 40% on the kit and 50% on the bundle for a limited time! Hop on over to Nibbles Skribbles Studio store and snag this up.  I really love the versatiliness (yes that is a new word) of this kit!

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