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Another month and another Progressive Scrap at theStudio. This month we were to use elements from the "OLD SCHOOL" Mega Kit.

These are the elements/papers we were given:

Then of course, each day we were given instructions along with that day's download of what we could use.  So here are my days...

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Final Page
I also chose to give my page as a Quick Page for those who participated.
Quick Page
NOT only did I do the Progressive Scrap again, but I signed up for the Layout Artist Competition 2012. WOW, I did not know what stress that would be. The first round was rather fun, and luckily I made it to the next round and then I STRESSED.  I made three different pages and debated on which to submit, then I stressed the whole time...and in the end, I didn't make the vote for the next round
Voting at theStudio is kinda like a popularity contest...or just matter of opinion....and I have never won in the majority for those kinda things. My pages need to show a memory, and the papers/elements need to compliment them. I feel like at theStudio the elements are the star and any memory you have to go along is a side note. At theStudio, the more you can add to a cluster, the more votes you are gonna get. So my simpler pages don't get many votes.
ok...so now that I cleared my head, here are my pages I made, and the things I used for them.

First round of the Layout Artist Competition.
We were to use the kit "Black Holes" by Nibbles Skribbles and make a page.
I made a page about meeting our favorite alien...

Then the next round we were to use one of the templates from Aimee Harrison Designs and use a kit or two  from the NEXT DESIGNER CONTEST, either their first round or second round.  I used pieces from jmdt, and jilbert.

I decided to stick with the theme the designers were doing --MOON, and scrap about the Lunar Eclipse from last year.
The cool thing about this page is it received over 20 comments (which means that there were TWO pages of comments).  However, when the voting was over, I only received three votes.

Alrighty....now on to the RECIPE CHALLENGE.
I haven't written about them lately...I'll start with the current month.
This month the THEME was GET WELL, as LetMeScrapbook was having surgery.
Here is the kit,
and here is my cards. One for soup, one for cornbread.

In August the theme was ICE CREAM.
Here is the kit we used
and here is my card.
In July I also made a recipe card for their Christmas in July celebration.
The challenge had us using a color palette...but they also had a mini kit to use.
Recipe Card Starter Kit - Christmas in July 2012

Here is the card I made using the mini kit.

Thats all...I need to keep up better so I can list the fonts I used and all...

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