Welcome 2015

I'm glad to see things settling around my place. The holidays are always so busy with holiday happenings, school activities and having to work out of town for a whole week.  But we have all survived. We all attended what we were required to. We all made it to parties. We all enjoyed the season. This last week has been one of getting things put back together....alas.

I hope you were able to enjoy the final submission of HELLO 2014 by Nibbles Skribbles.
Here is a peak at HELLO DECEMBER to wrap it up.

I focused on just two colors and created our family Christmas Card with this kit.

is one of a handful of kits that Nibbles Skribbles created with theStudio Coordinated Collection this month. These are all on sale, along with all the others at theStudio for just a few more days!

I have been wanting to show case a digital kit in paper form for some time now.
I usually put it off to long to share. This time...I got it done!

A print and then cut card using Silhouette Cameo

Lastly, I want to share a Collab Kit Nibbles Skribbles has made with Carin Grobe Designs
This kit is filled with great primary colors for the primary purposes of cleaning!
This kit releases today, so hop over to the shop for maximum savings.

A great reminder....now to go finish cleaning.
What is it with horizontal spaces anyway?!?! 

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