Playing Catch-up

I truly have been scrapping...just not so much, and not posting anything here.
Here is what I've been working on.

April's Recipe Challenge by LetMeScrapbook was all about PASTA. Here is a card for super quick Manicotti and one for Tortellini soup.
Font for this card is PC Childish.

Font for this card is Perpetua.

Then this month the Theme is Mexican. So I made a card for Enchilada Sauce...love that I have a recipe for times when I don't have a can. :)
The fonts I used were from a blog that made Handwriting fonts. The title is called Pea I am Baker, and the recipes font is in Pea Our Best Bites. (I had to use cooking fonts). I also like the brick work I did. I would like to learn how to make the edges of a page look more ripped or worn....have learning to do. :)

LetMeScrapbook had posted a mini kit for the iNSD (interNational Scrapbook Day) BlogTrain that was called Fiesta. She also challenged anyone who used her kits to post in her Gallery for a prize. I had just returned from a race for the girls and thought the color scheme fit well. So here are the pages I made. I only posted one in her gallery.
I recolored some of the pieces like the frames and ribbon. I also rotated the background pages to an angle. I like the different look it gave the pages. The safety pins were from another kit, I belive a baby kit, I made them B&W. I searched for the Ironman 'M dot' and then looked for a font that matched, I used Lucida Sans. The journaling is in LDJ Noodge, I like the playful look of it.

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